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Plumbing, Heating & Gaz
Construction and Design.

Over twenty years of owner-executed commercial plumbing, heating & gaz construction and system design - serving Greater Montreal and surrounding areas.


Who we are

A collaboration between perpetual consultants, engineers and technicians.


Certified Plumbing, Heating and Gaz

Dedicated to excellence in design, installation and maintenance of plumbing, gaz and heating systems in private and public facilities, since 2000.  

Our trusted tradesmen are trained to uphold our standards and values, so you can be assured of quality when you work with us.

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Design Build. Above Code.

Industry Certification

We work together to deliver the results you seek to achieve.

Design Build

Contact us whenever you require support or expert advice – all at no extra cost.


Concrete and innovative solutions to bring your projects to life.

Perpetual Team

A collaboration surpassing several years of unparalleled service. Our team has stuck together for over twenty years, working and following our organization's ethics and commitment to excellence.

Tech / Tools / Equipment

Valkan Kapital dominates the industry with the latest tech, tools and equipment, ensuring efficient installations and precise specs according to plans.

Saftey & Quality Standards - Exceed industry Code

Unique solutions to your company's case, goals and budget.



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