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Patrick Menda, Avocat, Lapointe Rosenstein, L.L.P.
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"We purchased a fixer-upper in May 2006 and planned extensive renovations which included the addition of a full bathroom as well as the complete renovation of a powder room, full bathroom, kitchen and the installation of a sump-pump. Taso and Chris were referred to us by a friend and from the very begining proved to be an instrumental part of the project. Since we did not have a general contractor to oversee, coordinate and supervise the work performed, we relied heavily on the expertise and experience of the people at Valkan Kapital. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. Taso and Chris were always available on short notice and provided much more than just labour in connection with installation of the house's plumbing. In fact, the added-value service provided by Valkan Kapital included asking the right questions, providing advice and making suggestions with respect to the design and implementation of the project. When it came down to doing the work, the Valkan Kapital team was always punctual and professional and the work was done efficiently, properly and with care. Finally, and most importantly, Valkan Kapital was able to quote the project prior to its start and respect the amount quoted. I highly recommend Valkan Kapital for both big and small jobs."
George Douzepis, président, Dac Gestions Immobilier
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We are a fairly new property management company with numerous clients ranging from six to fifty unit appartement buildings, spread across the island of Montreal. To us plumbing and heating related problems are a great concern. Our relationship with the property owners and their tenants alike rely on expedient and efficient work. Thank you Valkan Kapital, not only for the speed in which you answer our calls, but for the efficiency and professionalismin which you repair our plumbing problems, from the early morning emergencies to the late night lack of heating. The money saved because of your services is passed onto our clients and because of this we have been able to expand, and give a high quality of service to our clients.
Sam Erimos, Supermarché P.A.
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It is quite difficult for me to express the benefit I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, in dealing with a plumbing company of utmost integrity and professionalism.Simplistically, I can tell you of their punctuality, their obsession with detail, and their vast knowledge. Instead, I recall the frigid New Year's day my plumber spent in a crawl space, repairing pipes as they burst due to a freeze. My tenants and I were quite relieved. This, to me is priceless.10 years later, I am and always will be grateful to Plomberie Valkan Kapital. :Sam Erimos