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Customer satisfaction is fundamental to our success

Valkan Kapital believes that customer satisfaction is fundamental to our success and we make a point of educating our clients on issues related to their plumbing and heating ventures. We have developed alliances with industry associations to add value to our services. Valkan Kapital can help with your project from inception. As certified members of Gazmetro and other organizations, Valkan Kapital is eligible to apply for grants and pass savings on to our clients. Valkan Kapital can refer trusted vendors in choosing appliances and can even help with decorating your spaces. We are certified tradespeople and have accreditation by the regulating organizations in our industry.

Valkan Kapital does more than simply install pipes and heaters, Valkan Kapital offers its expertise in managing your project from the planning stage to construction. Once the project is complete, we follow up with service programs and emergency calls. Valkan Kapital employs a large team of qualified experts and has ample resources to handle any size job.

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